CSM 154 Resources


TI-89 Calculator Guide This strictly on-line guide accompanies Calculus Concepts: An Informal Approach to the Mathematics of Change, 2e. The guide contains a wealth of info particularly suited to solving equations graphically, numerically, and algebraically, and to basic calculus.

Linear Algebra and the TI 89 A short, handy document written by Abdul Hassen and Jay Schiffman of Rowan University

TI - 89 Tutorial Course Created Gilberto E. Urroz of Utah State, this course covers everything we'll need this semester, and beyond!!!Highly recommended. (And it will be used as a basis for a few assignments this semester.)

Graphing Calculator Guide for TI 83, 83+, 86 In case you still have one of these calculators, this is avaluable guide. It was written by Iris Fetta Reed to accompany Calculus Concepts: An Informal Approach to the Mathematics of Change, 3e (the text currently used for the MTH 114 course in Applied Business Calculus).

TI Education Web Site Here you'll find manuals for all graphing TI-calculators, as well as tutorials, accessories, and downloads


EXCEL Tutorial A very solid intro to basic Excel, including formula creation and copying, formatting, and charting


Maple Projects for Calculus Written by M. Penna of Indiana Univ, these computer projects are designed to accompany Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 5E, by James Stewart.

Connected Curriculum Project A very thorough set of tutorials and projects from Duke U. Billed as "Interactive Learning Materials for Mathematics and Its Applications," the CCP is broken down into categories such as calculus, linear algebra, etc. The material features Maple, Mathematica, MathCad, and MatLab. Some individual units:


Math Forum A all-purpose mathematics site run out of Drexel University. Includes resources for all fields of mathematics, on-line help, software, and much more. Warning: some areas now require a subscription.

Math World Perhaps the most comprehensive on-line encyclopedia of mathematics. MathWorld is part of the Stephen_Wolfram empire, and is linked with Mathematica: all of the graphics were done with Mathematica, and code snippets can be downloaded for most pages at the site.

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