Week 2

Week 2
Pat Griendling and Kim Voorhees

** Day 3: Monday, January 22, 2007**

Take Discovering Quiz 1 by today
Introduced to the class Wiki at http://www.didio.wikidot.com
Introduction to binary numbers

00000000=0 00000011=3 00000110=6 11111111=255
00000001=1 00000100=4 00000111=7
00000010=2 00000101=5 00001000=8

8 bytes-256 possibilities (also the number of columns).
16 bytes-65536 possibilities (also the number of rows).

** Day 4: Wednesday, January 24, 2007**
Begin work in Microsoft Excel
Assigned to get TI-89 Titanium calculator

** Day 5: Friday, January 26, 2007**
Continue work with graphing in excel

We set up sheet in excel to find the roots of equations.


Set up the chart from -5 to 3 with 40steps in between.
The change in x=8/40=0.2

Set up the chart from 2.8 and 3.
100 steps: Formula: (xmax-xmin)/100steps

Learned how to do an absolute cell reference: type in cell and then press F4.

Assignment to complete Calculator tutorials

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