Week 5

Paul Orzechowski
Phil Bruce

CSM 154
Class Notes
Week 5: Monday, Feb 12, 2007 - Friday, Feb 16, 2007

Discovery Quiz 4 Due Thursday February 13, 2007

Day 12: Monday, 2/12/2007

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
If you have an 'n' degree polynomial, it has n roots with multiplicity.
root =0 with multiplicity 3
3 different roots
0 real roots 3 imaginary ones

y=a+bx—>a is the y intercept, b is the slope.
To make a value absolute, push the F4 button.

Assignment 1 Make your own function due.

Day 13: Wednesday, 2/14/2007

Snow Day!

Day 14: Friday, 2/16/2007

Parameters- shift function up and down or left and right.
Used Excel to see how parameters affect the function.

Assignment: Use prior assignment of own function and determine the affects of parameters on it.

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