Week 9

Monday March 19, 2007

Back to Excel, involving random numbers
Began with dice experiment in a new page

Key functions:
Rand()… yields random numbers
INT() … yields integers
INT(6*(Rand())+1… yielded random integers between 1-6

Wednesday March 21, 2007

Continued with Wiki's:
Even numbered groups should edit odd numbered groups' pages and vice versa

Continued with Dice page
-Changed/Froze the scale on the y-axis into percents
-Added a "cumulative" column, as well as a "frequency" column =column to left/sum. (ie-=H5/$H$11)
-Created cumulative macro:: highlight count (E1-E6)->copy->Highlight Cumulative (H1-H6)->Paste Special->Value + 'Add'->click on an outside cell
-Made graph for cumulative, converted to percents
-Created macro to reset cumulative:: highlight cumulative (H1-H6)->Delete->click on an outside cell
-Created buttons:: View->Toolbars->Forms->Click on the gray retangle (2nd row, on the right)->Drag in an area

Homework Assigned for Wednesday March, 28:
-Dice Assignment, 'Craps Scenario', using two dice at the same time

Friday March 23, 2007

Began with Maple (5.1)
-Learned basic functions and some key formulas
-Start each page by typing restart;
-After a command/equation, must enter a semicolon and hit enter ;
(diff() to differentiate…. evalf(%) to evaluate the previous function… int(f(x),x) to evaluate integral
-Discovered that Maple uses different ways to express same values
diff(tan(x))—-> 1+tan(x)^2, not sec(x)tan(x)… both are the same answer though
-Assigned functions:: f:= x-> x^3 ;
-Started tutorial (under "help" menu, "new users tour") during class time.

Homework Assigned for Monday March 26, 2007
Complete Maple Tutorial, up to and including section 4

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