Mth114 S2007 Q3

MTH 114 Quiz 3
La Salle University
Dr. R. DiDio
Spring 2007

The following table shows the hits to a web site starting in May of 2006.

Month Hits 1st Diff % change
may 7 - -
june 15 - -
july 30 - -
august 70 - -
september 100 - -
october 185 - -
november 269 - -
december 410 - -
january 630 - -

a) Calculate the % difference in the number of hits from month-to-month. Why does this data suggest that an exponential model will be a good model for the growth in web-site hits?

b) Determine an exponential model for the data as a function of months since the website went live. (Name your function and input variable appropriately.) What is the monthly percentage change indicated by your model?

c) Based on your model, how many hits will the web site get 1 year after going live?

d) Based on your model, when would you predict that monthly hits reach 5000?

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