MTH 150 Syllabus

MTH 150: Mathematics - Myths & Realities Fall 2007

Days/Times M, W 2:00 - 3:15 (O-105)

Dr. Richard Di Dio
O-237 | 215.951.1792 | ude.ellasal|oidid#ude.ellasal|oidid | Office: MW 1-2 + by appt.

Course Description
This course provides a broad overview of mathematical concepts and practices that are essential tools in navigating life as an informed and contributing citizen. A main learning goal is that you learn to choose from a variety of mathematical tools, and use common sense and sophisticated reasoning in approaching complex problems in a logical fashion. The main subject areas covered this semester will be Logical Reasoning, Numbers, Probability, Statistics, and Mathematical Models. Time permitting, we will take many interesting side paths, including Financial Mathematics, Voting, Codes, Art & Music, Philosophy, & Ethics.

Text & Resources

  • Bennett, Briggs, Using and Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach, 3rd Ed, Addison Wesley, 2005.
  • Student Companion Website

Online Resources and Electronic Communication

  • Class wiki ( for syllabus, homework, breaking news…It is your responsibility to check the wiki daily!
  • Blackboard for grades. Access Blackboard via the mylasalle portal or directly at
  • When e-mailing, use MTH150 at the begining of each subject line.

A graphing calculator of the TI-83 type (or equivalent) is required. Carry it with you at all times. Failure to have calculator reduces your class participation grade.


  • Two Semester Exams - each worth 17.5% of final grade
  • Quizzes - total 15% of grade
  • Comprehensive Final - 25% of grade. Counted as 42.5% and lowest semester test dropped
  • Participation in class & on-line discussions – 7.5% of final grade
  • Projects – 17.5% of final grade
<60 60 64 68 72 76 80 83.3 86.6 90 93.3
F D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A

Grade lowered one step for every two unexplained lecture absences or one lab absence

Important Notes

  • No make-up semester exams given. One missed exam will count as the drop test. A valid reason for missing an exam must be presented as soon as possible. Missing more than one semester exam, or not taking the final exam, will result in failure of the course.
  • Exams will be based on lectures as well as assigned readings/problems. Not all assigned material will be covered in class and questions based on this material may appear on exams
  • Calculator borrowing during an exam is not permitted
  • Every 3 absences/ late arrivals results in lowering of semester grade by one step (e.g. B- to C+)
  • Cheating during an exam/plagiarizing on assignments will result in a failing grade in the course for all parties concerned
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