Lab Grading

Physics Lab Grading

The Lab grade constitutes 25% of the final grade in the Physics 105/106 course. A combination of group lab reports and specificparticipation will determine your lab grade according to the following weights:

  • Lab Reports 80%
    • There will be 9-10 labs this semester, with each lab report worth the same point value. The lowest lab grade will be dropped and the highest counted twice.
  • Participation 20%
    • The participation grade is based on:
      • Posting preliminary lab abstracts to the designated wiki area by 6PM on the day prior to the lab
      • Being present, and on-time for each lab
      • Being prepared for the labs, including having a print-out of that day's lab
      • Maintaining cleanliness of your lab area

Note that you must pass both the lab and lecture components separately in order to pass PHY 105 or 106. To pass the lab section of PHY 105 or 106 you must score a 60% out of a possible 100% lab grade.


  • 2-3 students/lab group
  • A report is written as a group and should represent a group effort. Your reports involve the analysis of the data you have taken in the lab. Reports should be written in Word with Excel plots pasted in them. Unless otherwise noted, lab reports are due one week from the lab date, at the beginning of that day's lab.
  • 50% deduction per day, or part of day, for late lab reports
  • A missed lab counts as the dropped lab. More than one missed lab will count as a zero for that lab.

Tehnology notes

  • Be careful when pasting Excel charts into Word - embedding/linking often leads to very large Word files. Use Paste Special|Copy as Picture for smaller files.
  • Use network folders and removable media judiciously!
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